Nothing New (it’s february!)

I have nothing against Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I really have anything FOR it, either. If I were walking down the street and ran into Valentine’s Day, I would probably look him in the eye, smile, say “hello”, and continue walking. I might admire his ensemble, his style. I might smile at his aspirations, acknowledge his color coordination. I just don’t really CARE about Valentine’s Day. I’m a little bit thankful for his company, though. It’s about that time of year, when he shows up and gives us a reminder to love. By February 14, the proverbial “wall” of winter, we desperately NEED that reminder. It’s now that we can’t stand the pasty sight of each other with our static-y hair and crusty lips. It’s now that we have out sledded the sled, made enough snowman to win a war, watched every “amazing” documentary we’ve pretended to care about. His timing is impeccable, no? It’s about now we need his reminder we actually might even LIKE the people we’ve chosen to do life with, those we are in community with.  It’s about now we take a deep breath and tell our friends and family, “I love you….no really, I do.” It’s about now we EMBRACE Valentine’s Day and look forward with desperation to have SOMETHING new and celebratory. Of course, I’m kidding….no really, I am.

So. Nothing New on Valentine’s Day? Mostly, I was just going to skip over the whole thing. However, last night I was in the Holy Grail of artsy stuff: I was at Victoria’s house. Victoria is one of those amazing, spinning, right-brained people. Her eyes are always gleaming and you can actually SEE her head stewing with inspiration; her creativity is palpable and energizing. On my way out, I maybe, ever so quietly, mentioned that I wanted to make special valentine-type notes to hang in the bedroom doorways of little inBetweens for them to wake up to, but I had run out of supplies. Poor me! I didn’t even have tape to hang them! Victoria almost pulled my arm off in an effort to supply me with FREE. In her basement, she pulled out red tissue paper! pink tissue paper! LOVE stickers! ribbon! and two rolls of tape! I was enabled and excited to go home to sleeping children. I spent an hour constructing beautiful LOVE notes, 18 in all. It was not painstaking at all….no really, it wasn’t (did I mention I am not really “crafty”?  I confess I will never scrapbook. Let the weeping and gnashing of mom-teeth begin.) Anyway, I was excited to celebrate with them, free of Nothing New. I was even inspired to wake up and make those little heart-shaped pancakes with chocolate chips, before coffee! We had a great day focused on LOVE and simply Nothing New.

P.S. I confess a couple of setbacks since my last post: Last Tuesday, we DID buy daughter inBetween a pair of New warm-up pants 10 minutes before a team effort she was due for. All in the name of disorganization and time, I assure you. Also, out of sheer BOREDOM I had to fight the urge to buy myself a lil’ pick me up. I was simply bored and wanted to buy Something New – just a lil’ fix. I resisted. Had I been walking down the street in that weak moment and ran into Beautifully New, who knows what might have happened?

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