Nothing New (in bathing suits)

We got a little snow here this weekend. Not without first getting an appetizer sized portion of spring, however. A reminder of the days marked by walks outside, short sleeved shirts without jackets, trickling streams of melting snow, ruddy faced children playing outside desperately soaking up fresh air, signs. of. life. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOVE winter. Today, though, we are having a cozy lil’ storm adding (at least) a foot of snow to our already waist high piles, attempting to stifle a new romance awakening last week, of warm temperature love reviving cells in my being long since lost in hibernation: I wanted to swim.

It has been years since I have last bought a swimsuit (at least, one that is meant for moving practically in, you know, like walking). I bought a flippin’ Speedo brand years ago and that thing WON’T WEAR OUT. I hate it. I can buy a swim suit NEW, though. If you find yourself wondering why, then you are not a female. When we go suit shopping, we have highly lit, triple-posted reminders in each dressing room that, “we must leave on our “undergarments” when trying on swim wear”. It is a PERSONAL item, yo! I can prove it: removable sticky tape crotch protecter! Woot! In my search, I found one online and am excited to buy it. Just as excited as I am that my eight year old needs new underwear! and socks! I like what Nothing New is doing already.


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